Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Favorite has no Friend

Job approval of US presidents with respect to days in office

Obama entered President’s Office with 68% job approval almost 15-20% more than its predecessors (Bush and Clinton) but in the span of 18 months his popularity has dipped sharply, and for the first time job disapproval has surpassed the approval level. Though in this duration Obama has not committed any political blunder neither he is responsible for any catastrophe (economic or social), only problem is that he has not performed extraordinarily. Things have become so bad that Robert Gibbs, Barack Obama’s spokesman, admitted on a talk show that the Democrats might lose their majority in the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections.

Apple too is plagued with similar disease of being favourite and not able to deliver. Iphone4 which was launched with hoopla(like other apple products) had issues with antenna. Though different studies and reviews has confirmed, antenna problems in all the smartphones, yet only Iphone4 had to take the blame. To an extent that Steve Jobs had to defend it.

These are just few examples, where favourites suffer. When you take up a task as favourite, be it anything, politics, sports, or as a company you have an additional pressure of outperforming. Life is bed of roses till one stands up to the expectations, but failing to do so, converts the bed of roses into one covered with thorns.


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