Friday, October 15, 2010


As per the TechCrunch report , Apple has just been awarded a patent for what looks to be a system that can prevent users from “sexting” on their phones.

Apple has become famous (or rather infamous) for its work to keep X-rated content off of the iPhone and other iOS devices--for example, earlier this year, the company removed thousands of sexually explicit applications from the App Store.

Now I got two issues with this.

First, will this stop kids from ‘sexting’ ?

Second, Will this feature be a differentiating factor for the device and will it really be converted into sales?

Answer to first is no, it won’t. Rather it will make them more creative and soon their language will become Greek to their parents.

I however, find Apple's latest censoring-attempts with apps-content and this software patent ridiculous. Jobs himself has kids in sexting-age, maybe he is unaware but if he is not, he'll also know that youngsters are very smart and they will encode everything in their own language (texting slang), which is not necessarily ours. We may not know what CU L8R really means; it is highly unlikely that this will even remotely work. So Jobs, "GYPO" (Get your pants off) and OOT (stay out of trouble).

In all probabilities, this feature won’t become a differentiating factor, as the final purchase decision for most of the Apple’s devices is made or dominated by kids and they would never welcome such ridiculous application. From such steps, Apple is trying to win a badge of digital world police, Next from Apple can be a device that detects alcohol and automatically calls Police.

These initiatives from apple is just an another marketing gimmick to create Buzz and to enforce the companies' CSR image in minds of customer.


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