Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overcast on Korea

N.korean attacks will call for indepth investigation, in which Seoul will conclude that it was, in fact, North Koreans who fired on the island, further provocation may make them react. Beijing and Moscow will hold their own independent investigations and will come to a conclusion that it can't be determined who fired the artillery and Venezuela President will claim that it was a U.S. conspiracy. Post this, the honorary UN will continue to send aid to North Korea like it never happened.

Based on my knowledge about South Koreans, they are not wimps. They're dying to retaliate, but this is not just about them. Their reaction will decide the political course of rest of Asia and potentially the globe. They kept silent after the warship sinking incident, it will be interesting to watch how much more provocation will be needed before they hit back.

This is not an official war but between the ongoing political games and war, I and other sensible people will choose the games. Right?


reallyprofound said...

There won't be any retaliation. The South continues to play these provocative war games on islands and in waters mere miles from the demarcation line. They have to expect consequences and are just using them to exact political consequences from the situation, increase security spending, etc. This is all planned.

Anonymous said...

Hi , the South just admitted that they are the first to fire !!!

Anonymous said...

silly blog. You should write a blog on your own country's pathetic condition, the disgusting toliets in the common wealth game. The honor killings. The sects. The massacres of Sikhs. The slums. Silly indian.

Prakhar P. Singh, Sajan K. Roy, Debjeet Dey said...

@....silly blog. You should write a blog on your own country's pathetic condition.
Please be courageous to take the truth and i would wish fully debate on any issue(including the ones mentioned in your comment) please pass on your address where i can read and communicate.

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