Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stay out of this Assange

I am not arguing against transparency. But I strongly believe that there is a due place for secrecy in international diplomacy and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with diplomacy behind closed doors

In fact, to cry ‘wolf’ does no service to any society. What WikiLeaks has done is, it has simply collected an enormous mass of documents, and made it publically available.

Leaking information of this kind will be detrimental in building the trust among diplomats which is necessary platform for effective and productive diplomacy.

Let us understand the underlying problem by a real life example. Do all of us live in a society where we need to exhibit split personality? Do we all have secrets which are unknown to our dear ones? But does that mean we are cheating them? So is this confidentiality necessary in smooth running of our personal life? I feel I will get a ‘yes’ in reply with a smile.

Hence, it’s not a good news, If WikiLeaks continues to publish these peck of document containing information regarding country’s defence, foreign policy and other confidentialities, as these documents would certainly complicate relations among people involved, originate hard feelings among nations and representative of different nations about publication of private information, and decrease the fragile confidence that exist between the most governments (very few have strong faith). It could also reveal strategies or intentions which will retard progress on a number of issues.

Such sensitive issue cannot be discussed on public forums, in front of media. Confidentiality is taken for granted in such discussions and meetings; least these diplomats can expect is to see their conversation in the newspapers next day.

Assange get into responsible Journalism, this ways you are doing no good!!!


Anonymous said...

On every revolution there has been resistance of some kind. But at the end when is time to change, change has been. What many conservator people doesn't understand is that the world is changing. This is the first global scandal. Not a single country has skipped the news and cables from Wikileaks. And nobody could deny that people will be more aware that they are being misleaded by their goverments. It is our own right as citizens of this world to be informed. And information and investigative journalism is the most serious, if you asked for, journalism. Wikileaks is the Napster of 2010. You can kill it but now people know how to do it. There will be other *Leaks which will revolutionize what you call "serious journalism". You will understand, then, that you were just a modern times Chaplin writing stuff just to get money, and not because you cared for information.

Best regards.
P.s. Let me be anonymous to protect your sources of interest in this page :)

Tanmay said...

Maybe the said diplomats should have been more honest in the way they work from the beginning. You reap what you sow.

If they had been open and frank from the start, this leak would not be an embarrasment, but a validation of the ethos with which American diplomats treat others.

Trust is not built if you suspect others are hiding secrets from you. Trust is built when you believe that the other is expressing his true belief, and not plotting behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

@Tanmay I'd like to know how can one expecting to take matters of interest to his country in a diplomatic way be frank stating "this country has a gigantic corrupt state closely associated with the mob and overtly keen on eclipsing civil liberties and democracy"?
Or "The president is a chauvinist, misogynistic and nymphomaniac"?How well can you put that in a business transaction between two countries?
There is no room for naivety or frankness in diplomacy, especially when it deals with intelligence or, most specifically, gun weaponry.

Anonymous said...

You know what kind of information wikileaks reveling is problem between Arab countries again; I must say this is US/CIA/FBI controlled leak! You are going to see they will provide 80-90%(what US wants to share) real information rest will be fake/propaganda info to show the world now we should attack this country or that country... and change the media face from Afghan War. Is there any leaks that saying 9/11 was an inside job?
- Cheers

Anonymous said...

Dude, what you want to be unspoken are gossips, that are harmless. Why everybody else loves Assange is because he disclosed secrets about spionage on UN, Putins-Berlusconis relationship, civil casualties in Iraq and that Obama has no real plans of retreating from wars. Just because gossips should be individual, the rest shouldnt be covered.

Kommie Bustard said...

I'm kind of tired of being stepped on by Britain, Europe and its spawn. I hope they go down faster than they already are.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, the states of Europe were controlled by a dozen of royal families, and diplomacy was the art of speaking on behalf of their interests. Secrecy was a cornerstone, and they would always be lying and cheating on each other, doing secret deals with one and another. Thus they kept on waging war against each other, while the people on the front lines wouldn´t even know what were they fighting for.
The institutionalization of the international relations on the twentieth century brought about a lot more transparency. The widespreading of information about deals and treatys created a sense of stability troughout the system, enabling trust, and therefore peace.
We´ve come a long way since a king could do whatever he wanted, like a child playing with toy soldiers, but politics are still controlled by ruling elites, much more worried about their self-interests than with general peace and prosperity.
What wikileaks is doing, is to enhance the right all peoples have, to know what they´re governments are doing on foreign policy, and thus what interests they´re truly looking after.
If that´s bad for the way diplomacy it´s done, it means diplomacy must change.
To deny that, is to be either dumb, or deliberately bad-intentioned.

Anonymous said...

The poster of this blog, should do more research on what real journalism is. You were writing like a veil has been put over your eyes. What Assange did was bare the whole truth, which will do more good in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Blog writer is a fool. The world is changing. you should not live in the past. Wake up and get real.

Prakhar P. Singh, Sajan K. Roy, Debjeet Dey said...

....@ blog writer is a fool....
i am sorry but a nation is not run emotionally. It will be sheer immaturity to protest something of wiki leaks sort.

Anonymous said...

In the long run greater transparency is in the interest of all people. If you picture a world 100 years from now, where the beliefs and ideas of a group of people, are openly shared and then represented as best as possible by some type of governmental structure, which is in turn openly and transparently communicated to other organizations and governments...we would likely live in a world where it would be very difficult to wage war, pillage resources, and set up barriers to people meeting their human needs.
The oppistite dream (one you seem to be hanging on to) where as you state "..we need to exhibit split personality?....confidentiality is necessary.." is built on the idea that people are ashamed of their own beliefs and actions and are dishonest to protect stuructures that are build on artifical ideals of perfection.
We are the first generation since before there was a thing called government, who have the power to keep our corporations and governments transparent and accountable for their actions and impacts...don't give that away because your masters says it is too much for you to handle.

Anonymous said...

So what do you think now that the whole Arab world is on fire? Nepotism, corruption, despotic rule, criminal fronts disguised as banks, negligence, starvation, food price fixing, medicine unavailability to the poor. Keep your pampered secrets to yourself? To propagate another tyrannical regime?
Get real...

Prakhar P. Singh, Sajan K. Roy, Debjeet Dey said...

I can understand your emotions, but ironically i have written the harsh reality.

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