Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As its not Hindu or Muslim: Its INDIA

How many Americans will be amused if a state hoists a Russian flag in their nation???......None!!! Will this prove US in not liberal??? .....No!!! But in India which is by far the largest democracy of the world there have been instances of Pakistan flag being hoisted. Does it earns respect for India and proves it to be a liberal and secular nation? For a moment please forget India and Kashmir. What image will you draw for a nation which succumbs to pressure of separatist and stop celebrating their national festivals? Weak, feeble and incumbent, right... In the same way the in-power government should refrain Citizen from hoisting tricolour in Assam(Boldoland), North Eastern states(controversy with China), and Punjab(Khalistan) in purview of controlling social outburst.

What is the definition of a nation? Can we keep drawing international boundaries on the demands of small groups of notorious people? If yes, than I am sure we are looking at, 500 countries. Communist China has a Buddhist dominated province in Tibet, and an Islam dominated province on its eastern border. Can they allow them to become new countries? Oppression against separatism is not just on the grounds of creed or religion but it is valid and justified when that separatist movement is fuelled by enemy nation. India with an Islamic population of nearly 170 million has proved its Democratic, secular and inclusive nature.
I am sure your opinions would change after reading the following fact about Kashmiri separatists:
The US Department of State reports that, according to the Indian National Human Rights Commission, the Kashmiri Pundit population in Jammu and Kashmir dropped from 15 percent in 1941 to 1 percent as of 2001.
Are these activities of a minority group?

Hoisting of the Indian flag should be the government's prerogative however the government is spineless to do so, contrary they are using headless power to stop Citizens from exercising their fundamental rights. By not allowing the tri-colour in Kashmir the UPA government has given a huge psychological advantage to separatists across India & Pakistan.
Or do you think they are right?


zephyr said...

Pandering to whims and fancies of a chosen few has always been the bane of this country and which has prevented it from becoming one nation.

Prakhar P. Singh, Sajan K. Roy, Debjeet Dey said...

Very true Zephyr

indranil said...

I dont understand why the UPA is not allowing to hoist the tricolor with in the line of control???Are we scared??or are we again the very first side who wants peace allover??or do we still fight criticism with Mahatma's old tool of tolerance.
My question is, would NDA have allowed this if they would have been in power??
Do we see the real issue or just the part which these political party wants us to see??

Anonymous said...

Please remove this picture, you have no idea how disrespectful this is. Thousands of US Marines died to erect the American Flag on Mt.Serabachi!

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