Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where is the virus of World Destruction ?

The new era of enlightenment(A shift from Wars to Building a peaceful world) where developed nations are taking the onus of uplifting the socio economic condition and eradicating poverty hunger and illiteracy from the world.
Such a shift will be comforting the world and shall be given a red carpet welcome, but before joining this chorus of self congratulaion we will have to overlook facts like one displayed in the visualizaion below.
Ironcially, these developed nations are the ones which are the biggest exporters of arms, and you all know how these arms contribute in the upliftment of African and other poor nations.
So decide where is the virus of World Destruction ?


Anonymous said...

The era of enlightenment was born over 500 years ago with the reformation and the rise of science over fear. The new world of transparency will address global problems with multilateral thinking. The fearful leaders of greed will learn to live among other souls with joy. And so it is ...

deepa said...

The New era of transparency should of course help in nations development.

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